Our story

Hi mums and dads,
I am Anna, a mother of a baby boy Aiden.
I work for an Australian bank and also a full time mother looking after Aiden. Like other parents, I always want to balance between work and taking care of family as well as spent quality time with my boy.
With very limited time after work, I love having specious time without TV, phones and other worries to explore the whole new world in each book together with Aiden. Reading to him has become an inseparable part of our daily life. Moreover, living in Australia with multilingual, I always ponder on how to give Aiden the opportunity to read and understand Vietnamese as well as our original culture and literature.
Wrapping all aspiration and love in that, WiseGrow was founded to bring out little surprise and excitement for Aiden, encourage him to create good reading habit and to facilitate his cognition and learning development from early life stage. Each products features the right skills that were chosen carefully to facilitative the five important development skills including cognitive, physical, linguistic, social and emotional, which suits his age best such as busy books, Montessori's toys and multilingual books.
I believe that all Australian parents could benefit from those products. Your bubs can be showered in the quality and suitable contents for their ages.
Thank you for all of your support.